Reflections And Insights From The Couch

Inheriting Tomorrow

When we think about an inheritance we usually think of money or items that once belonged to our ancestors that they wanted to pass down. But

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What are your values?   If someone were to ask you ‘Who are you?’ Could you answer them? The other day I happened to be watching a

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I was watching a video interview of Simon Sinek a few weeks ago and he was talking about the origins of the word ‘priority’.  A

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The Roles We Take On

Personality is said to be formed in our early years, but what are the factors that influence this?  Gender and sibling position might be a

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I was reading a book recently for book club.  I joke that my book club actually involves a book, not just nibbles and lots of catch-up

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What does Joy mean to you?  I have been thinking about joy recently, and wrote about Happiness a few months ago.  It got me thinking

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